We now have over 460 graduates out across the country in every province.

I am encouraging other students to come to GBBC because I want you to know how special your life is in God’s sight. I am not encouraging you just because of the pleasure in GBBC, but I want to say to you that God has plans for you before you began in your mother’s womb. In order to fulfill that plan you need God in your life to make things work out. So, my encouragement is you need God. Come to GBBC.

Freshman Hazel Siune


First of all, I would like to thank God for His saving grace in my life. Though I was bound for hell, He saved me and I am heaven bound. When I came to GBBC, I came empty; but I thank God for GBBC making a big difference in my life. I recommend GBBC as the best ever college in Papua New Guinea.

Junior Gaius Jivu


… GBBC is well organized and well established with very well qualified teachers teaching in the college. I have learned many things which has really helped me and has also developed me to the next level of preaching in the ministry.

Bachelor student Pastor Carl