GBBC delights in helping students reach their full potential in Christ to do the Lord’s work.
Jack Gundu

Reverend Jack Gundu Amugl is currently serving as the President of Goroka Baptist Bible College.

Reverend Jack Amugl was born on October 21st in 1964, the fifth child to Amugl and Kupugl (parents) in his village Marka, Kerowagi District, Chimbu Province. He is married to Dorothy Amugl and has 5 children.

He attended Kerowagi Primary School up to 1981 when he completed his eighth grade. On October 21st 1984 He gave his heart to the Lord(salvation) at his home church, Kerowagi Baptist Church in Kerowagi. An American missionary preached on Romans 6:23 and the Word of God convicted his heart, knowing he was a sinner and bound for hell, he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. He was later baptized by his pastor at that time.

He was called to serve God and attended Goroka Baptist Bible College in 1988-1991(Diploma in Biblical Studies). He graduated in 1991 from GBBC and went back to his home church, where he married his wife, Dorothy, in 1992. Together God sent them to Jimi, Jiwaka Province to Kol Baptist Church to serve as a pastor for a year. They later returned to their home church in 1994. Three months later, he was called to Gena Baptist Church and served there from 1994-2017(23 years). In 1999 he received his Bachelor degree from GBBC. Now he is only few classes away from a Master’s degree with Asia Biblical Theological Seminary. In 2017, they returned to help serve in their local church. During this time, he was ordained as a reverend, and also served three times as a board member of GBBC . The Lord, then in 2018, led him back to GBBC where he is currently serving.

When asked, if there were challenges in serving God, he with a smile, said this and I quote “ I made a commitment while in Bible school to serve God for fifteen years and when that fifteen years is up, I would recommit for another fifteen years and keep recommitting every fifteen years. In other words, there is no end to my service to God.”

William Smith
Accreditation Officer

Reverend William Lee Smith is no stranger to Papua New Guinea. He is currently the ABWE field coordinator in PNG and the public relations assistant for Goroka Baptist Bible College.

He gave his heart to the Lord in May of 1967 and was baptized in the Kamaliki River as a sixteen year old. He was ordained as a reverend in 1989.

His service to God in our country started as a young boy. He arrived on the shores of our country with his parents, Bill and Carol Smith in 1973. His parents were missionaries with New Tribes Missions.

He attended primary and high school at Numonohi Christian Academy, Kamaliki, Ungaii Bena District, a New Tribes Mission run school. He later after completing Grade 12 returned to the United States attended Pensacola Christian College graduating in 1984 with a Bachelors in Christian Education. In 1997 he attended Liberty Baptist Seminary receiving a MAR.

In July 1985, he married his wife Lori, who is a registered nurse. Five years later in 1990 arrived back in Papua New Guinea with his young family. They are blessed with 6 children.

He and his wife has served God in many churches in the Eastern Highlands(Mimanalo District, Bena District). Their lives and service to God has touched and influenced so many people in this entire country. They have also started a clinic ministry at GBBC helping the sick and proclaiming the gospel of Christ, this ministry also includes mobile clinics to the Bena District and a baby ministry.

The Smiths, who are affectionately known as “Uncle Bill and Mama Lori”, truly know and love God. Their commitment to God is so evident in their lives and in all that they do for the people of this country.

Timothy Hawes
Vice President of Academics

Timothy Hawes is currently serving at Goroka Baptiicst Bible College as the Academic Vice President.

God’s calling on his life began at the age of four, when he accepted the Lord as his personal Savior. He was led by God into the ministry. He attended Crown College graduating with a Bachelors in Pastoral Ministry. While in college God used a teacher, Allen Fisher, to burden, his heart for missions. He then went on to get a Masters in Missionary Lingiustics in 2010-2011.

Timothy married Leandra on 24th of May 2014. They have two beautiful children. His wife Leandra, had also given her life to the Lord at seven years of age. She, also called of God to missions, attended Pensacola Christian College, with an undergraduate degree in Missions and minored in Bible Languages. She is also teaching in Goroka Baptist Bible College. In 2015, God brought them to Goroka Baptist Bible College, Papua New Guinea.

When God calls, He prepares His vessels. Tim and Leandra are involved with church planting and discipleship of churches in the Bena area of the Eastern Highlands. They also are involved in Bible clubs (RI) of children in many schools in the Goroka and Bena area. They have been a tremendous blessing both physically and spiritually to all those who come in contact with them.

Psalm 86:11 says “Teach me thy way, O Lord; I will walk in Thy truth: unite my heart to fear thy name.” This is Tim’s favorite verse. This verse speaks so loudly as they reach out and minister to the people of this country; showing evidence of Christ in their lives and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Ekonia Peni
Chairman of the Board

Ekonia Peni is currently serving as the Chairman of the Board of Goroka Baptist Bible College.

Ekonia Peni is from Vunairoto Village, East New Britain Province (ENBP), and was born on November 23rd 1960. His parents were serving in and around the Gazelle District of ENBP as Methodist Missionaries. His father was also a Methodist pastor.

Ekonia attended primary school (grades 1-6) at Vunalir Primary, high school (grades 7-10) at St Mary’s High School, Vuvu and then to Kerevat National High (grades 11-12) all in ENBP. After completing national high school in 1977, he was accepted to the University of PNG to undertake journalism studies in 1978, graduated that year and then joined the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) in 1979. In 1984, the ABC- Radio, Australia offered Ekonia a job to work as a journalist which he accepted, and worked until 1987. As a Journalist, he also travelled on State visits with PNG’s Prime Ministers and Government delegations to Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Spain. From 1991-1995, he enrolled at UPNG to pursuing a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Politics & International Relations and did part of his studies at the University of the South Pacific in Suva, Fiji in 1993. He graduated in 1995 and then resigned his career as a journalist that year, and again applied to UPNG to study Law from 1996 and graduated with a Bachelor of Law in 1999. While doing his law studies, he also assisted students taking journalism at UPNG, while at the same time, he worked quietly as a Journalist again with the ABC-Radio Australia. He graduated from the Legal Training Institute (LTI) in 2000, was the dux of his class of 2000 and was admitted to the bar then. He has been practicing law since 2001. Also that year, he attended a three months legal training program with 200 lawyers from around the world in Dallas, Texas, USA. Ekonia Peni, currently works with a law firm in Port Moresby.

As a young child, the influence of his father’s mission work had a lot of impact on his life when Ekonia learnt a life of “contentment” in being a missionary one day. On June 16th 1981, Ekonia Peni, surrendered his life to the Lord, in salvation at Rabaul Baptist Church. Two months later, he was baptized. In 1985, he met a young woman, Garua Peni, who was teaching at Goroka Teacher’s College. Garua had gotten saved at Goroka Baptist Bible College Youth Camp in 1978. They got married on the 24th December 1987 in Sydney, Australia. The other strong influence in Ekonia’s life was his wife. She encouraged, strengthened and taught him “patience” in his walk with Christ. The Lord took his late wife on the 31st of January, 2018. Together they had 10 children (1 biological and 9 adopted).

After they got married, Ekonia, attended Spurgeon Baptist Bible School just outside of Sydney graduating in 1988. He also attended Grace Baptist Bible Institute, at his home church, Grace Baptist Church, in Port Moresby. He actively serves in his home church by “standing in the gap” for Sunday school teachers, song leaders and the youth ministry. He supports churches on the coast and the highlands, young men and women sold out for God’s ministry and so much more. He has a heart for missions and it shows in his service as the Chairman of the Board of Goroka Baptist Bible College.

Mike Yandit
Board Member

Mike Yandit is currently serving on the board of Goroka Baptist Bible College.

Mike Yandit comes from Komokpin Village, North Fly, Western Province. He was born on the 12th of November, 1966. He married his wife, Lina, on the 30th December, 1989. They have 3 biological children, 4 adopted children, and 1 grandchild. They reside in Madang.

He attends Faith Baptist Church in Madang. He is the chairman of the deacon board in his local church, taking adult Sunday school, the youth director, and director of Campus Bible Fellowship at Divine Word University. On March 31st 1984, he made the greatest decision of his life, a decision for salvation. He made this decision at Calvary Baptist Church in Lae and was baptized a month later.

As a young child, he attended Maka Primary School (1973-1978) completing Grades 1-6. He then completed Grades 7-10 at Daru High School (1979-1982). After high school he was accepted to University of Technology (Unitech) in Lae to do his preliminary year (1983). He left Unitech to begin his training as a teletechnician at PTC College Lae (1984), graduating in 1987. For 33 years he worked with PTC, which split into 3 different entities, he then continued with Telikom PNG up until the 31st August 2016, his year of retirement. On January 23rd 2017, he began work as a Lecturer, with the Department of Finance and Management, under the Faculty of Business and Informatics, at Divine Word University. In all his accomplishments, he has acquired a Teletechnician Certificate (1987), Technical Officer Certificate (1990) Adult Matriculation Certificate (1993), Diploma in Commerce (2000), Bachelor of Commerce (2004) and Bachelor of Business & Management (2008), Master of Business Administration (2011), Master of Professional Accounting (2016), Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education Teaching and Learning (2018), and an online Doctorate in Business Administration (2019).

3 John 4 “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.” In life and ministry this verse is a blessing to Mike. His wife whom he led to the Lord (August 1998) is an encouragement to him as she grows in her faith, this encourages him to keep serving God. When asked the question “What gives you the motivation in continuing serving God? He answers “I could never pay back what Jesus has done for me, so I will keep going on”.

Kia Kawage
Board Member

Reverend Ezekiel Kia Kawage is currently serving on the board of Goroka Baptist Bible College.

Reverend Kawage was born in 1966 to Kawage and Mogl in Nombuna, Kerowagi District, Chimbu Province. He attended Primary School from 1972-1977. He, then, attended Distance Education for grades 7 and 8.

He accepted the Lord as his personal Savior in 1982 at Kerowagi Baptist Church and was baptized a year later.

He attended Goroka Baptist Bible College from 1991-1994, graduating with a diploma in Biblical Studies. In 1998-1999, he received a Bachelors degree in Theology from Goroka Baptist Bible College. He went on to get a Masters Degree in Theology(2006-2012).

Pastor Kia, as he is known to everybody, went back to his home church, Kerowagi Baptist Church, after graduating from GBBC in 1994. He served there as a Youth Pastor( 1995-1996) until the church voted him in as their pastor in 1997. He married his wife , Giu, in 2002. God has blessed him with 10 children , 5 of whom are biological and 5 adopted children. He currently is the pastor of Kerowagi Baptist Church and is teaching at the Chimbu Baptist Bible Institution( which has been in existence for 3 years).

When asked his favorite bible verse, he quotes “ 2 Timothy 1:12 For the which cause I also suffer these things: nevertheless I am not ashamed ; for I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day.

I am proud to serve the Living God. One day earthly things will fade away, but serving God will last forever. One day when I see Him, face to face, I will be rewarded. This verse and thought motivates me to serve God daily and always. Seeing others, influencing others, investing in their lives to follow Christ gives me great joy. Knowing that what I am doing is investing in eternity.”

Phil Smith
Jan Smith
Ms. Appollonia Paul

Ms Appollonia Paul is currently serving at Goroka Baptist Bible College as a part time teacher.

Appollonia comes from Yambunglok Village, Yamap, Morobe Province. She was born on the 14th October, 1972 to Kaiyanma and Mandia in Bulolo, Morobe Province.

She attended Primary School at St Peter’s Primary School ( 1980-1985). She continued high school at Wau High School (1986-1989). She, then, was accepted to Madang Teachers College in Madang, Madang Province (1990-1991) in which she received a Certificate in Primary Education. After graduating from Madang Teachyers College she was posted in and around Morobe Province ( 1992-1996). From there she transfered up to Goroka to teach at Ufeto Primary School (1997). From 1998 up to this year, she has taught in Ufeto Christian Academy as a teacher and is involved in the training of Christian school teachers using the Christian Light Education Curriculum around the country. She has also been involved with non government organizations representing young women.

Ms Paul, as she is known by everybody, gave her life to Jesus on the 19th of September 1996 and was baptized on the 1st of December 2000. She is currently a member of Gerex Bible Baptist Church. She serves in her local church as a Sunday School Teacher for children and women, treasurer of the church accounts, women’s ministry leader and steps in to serve as the need arises. Ms Paul has a heart for service being led by her favorite verse John 15: 13; you can’t serve if you do not love.

Jon Vira
Titus Talibu

Reverend Taitus Noah Tauliebu is currently serving as a fulltime teacher at Goroka Baptist Bible College.

He gave his life to the Lord when he was 9 years old in 1985 at Grace Baptist Church, Port Moresby. He was baptized in 1986. He made a commitment to serve God in 1991.

Taitus attended primary school at Ward Strip Community School, high school at Don Bosco Technical College. He then went on to work at OK Tedi Mining as a fitter machinist.

He married his wife, Lydia, whom he met at GBBC in April 2007. They have two children. She also teaches at Goroka Baptist Bible College. Her parents also have a Christian school in town, which both Titus and Lydia are involved in.

In 1997 God burdened his heart about his commitment for service during a GBBC youth camp.
He attended Goroka Baptist Bible College in 1999 and graduated in 2002 with a Diploma in Theology. After graduating, he trained and served as an Awana missionary in PNG up until 2007. In 2008, he was called of God to serve as the Pastor of Rapture Baptist church up until April of 2019. While pastoring, he began teaching as a part time teacher at Goroka Baptist Bible College. He was ordained as a reverend in November of 2018 and sent as a missionary by Rapture Baptist Church. God has then led him into full time ministry at GBBC.

Their service verse is Ephesians 4: 12 “For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry , for the edifying of the body of Christ; “ Both he and his wife are involved in local church ministries, Christian school ministries around the country and the equipping of the saints.

Lydia Talibu
Philip Shubbyhavo
Pastor Steve Ottio
Solomon Joseph
Principle of Elementary School

Goroka Baptist Bible College has touched the lives of so many men and women in Papua New Guinea. One of those touched is Solomon Tongia Kinamat.

Solomon Kinamat is currently a full time teacher at GBBC. He teaches courses in theology to men and women who commit to serving God as pastors, pastor’s wives, and Sunday school teachers.

He began a personal relationship with God, giving his life to Jesus in 1989 at Rapture Baptist Church. He was baptized in 1994 at Ufeto Baptist Church. He committed to serving God fulltime as a grade 6 student in primary school.

Solomon attended primary school at Numonohi Christian Academy. He then in high school moved to Ufeto Christian Academy to complete his grade 9-12.

God, then called him to attend Bible School at Goroka Baptist Bible College in 2003, graduating in 2007 with a Diploma in Theology. He also served God in Christian schools in Goroka and Kundiawa. In 2014 he returned to GBBC to continue with the Bachelors program graduating in 2016 with a Bachelors in Theology. He then stayed on in 2015, teaching as a part time teacher in the Theology program becoming a full time teacher in 2018.

He married his wife, Rebecca, in April of 2018 and a couple months later in July, moved into the GBBC property, as part of full time staff.

His life verse is Colossians 3:2 “Set your affections on things above, not on things on the earth” describes and guides his vision, life and service to God.

Gabriel Mek
Financial Secretary

Gabriel Gena Mek is currently serving in Goroka Baptist Bible College as the Finance Officer.

Gabriel Mek comes from Ambang Village, North Waghi Jiwaka Province. He was born on the 11th September 1973 at Nonga Base Hospital East New Britain Province to Arnold and Roslyn Mek.

He began primary education at Ambang Primary School, Jiwaka and moved back to ENBP enrolling at Torchbearer Primary School in Rabaul, East New Britain (1984-1986). He continued high school at Rabaul Provincial High School (1987-1990). After completing high school, he continued his education by attending the University Open Campus (UPNG) 1992-1994 to do Matriculation studies. After which he was accepted to pursues a Diploma in Commerce as a fultime student at the UPNG main campus 1995 – 1996. He completed his Diploma in Commerce through external studies again in 1999, graduaring in 2000. He then worked as a news presenter/radio announcer for KBBN a Christian radio station in Western Highlands Province. In 2014 , he worked for a land consultancy company, YUNAMI Land Consultancy company, as a public relations officer when the company was engaged in PNG Defence Force property valuation work in the National Capital and Central Province. From 2015-2017 , he undertook a Bachelors in Business Studies and Accounting at Institute of Business Studies University (IBSU) Port Moresby and was granted membership of Certified Practising Accountants Papua New Guinea (CPA PNG) as a Student Member in January 2019. In July 2019, he began working at GBBC as the Finance Officer.

Gabriel married his wife, Magret, also from Jiwaka, in 2016. Magret attended Goroka Baptist Bible College and graduated with a Certificate in Biblical Studies (2004-2005). They have two sons, Dorum is Gabriel’s nephew whom they looked after since 2016 and is doing grade 10 at Hagen Park Secondary School and Joseph, who was born on 19th September 2017.

Gabriel accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior on the 24th December 2003 at Bible Truth Baptist Church. He was baptized at Jordan Valley Baptist Church Jiwaka in 2006. He attended the Bible Institute at Bible Truth in the Western Highlands Province graduating with a Diploma in Biblical Studies. Both he and his wife are actively involved in their local church assisting their pastor as Sunday School teachers. He also served as an usher and Sunday school teacher at Grace Baptist Church in Port Moresby.

A soft spoken person but the evidence of a love for God shows in his life. When asked why he was serving at GBBC, he replied, “Serving here at GBBC gives me the opportunity to be involved in the training of future pastors and preachers.” His favorite Bible verse is John 6: 37,44; the verses that helped him repent and accept Jesus as Lord and savior.

Jeff Yaupa
Maintenance Supervisor
Emis Adove
Richard Kena
Justine Tamugo